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oh, here I am

 Wherever I go, there I am… I know. Wherever you go, there you are. We’re just where we’re supposedView full post »

garden of reflections

In the silence, the stillness, the story, I am safe – but I know this delusion. In the garden of dreams,  View full post »


What does it mean to die? Where do we go? Do we go anywhere, or is that it, the TV just shuts off? Shoooop. What is thatView full post »


One of the hats I wear is a farmer hat. Actually, when I’m out in the garden I wear a mesh back truckers hat, butView full post »


Sometimes when the light is just right outside, I find myself out chasing it. I need to be in this light,  capture itView full post »

springy things and equinox love

My goodness this world is beautiful. Spring is my absolute FAVOURITE season. I do love all the season, but spring killsView full post »

Changing Seasons

The last of the winters snow is loosing its grip. Soon the grasses and the soil will be free to breathe deeply, soak inView full post »

Nelson, BC Backyard sessions

Sometimes the best photos are the ones that just happen because they happen.  View full post »

Nelson BC Photographer – Eatheral Swan Lake Session

Alysha is a dear soul. She is gentle, and hilarious. You would never know she was feeling a bit camera shy by looking atView full post »

Nelson BC Photography – The ever stunning Jennie

It was so hot when we took these photos in the Cowhican Valley, but well worth the heat. This mama is about to have herView full post »

Nelson BC – Valentines Day Portrait Session

This Valentines, why not treat yourself, or your loved one to a portrait session. There is nothing I love more thenView full post »

Victoria BC Photographer – Holiday Photo Shoot

Well, whether we want to admit it our not, the holidays are descending upon us quickly. Join me on December 7th for a 20View full post »

Victoria BC Photographer – Stunning Anastasia

This woman blows my mind with her vibrant beauty. The sky opened up and showered us with the most magical light. What aView full post »

Victoria BC Photographer – Sarah & Edie

 Sarah and Edie’s wedding is one I won’t forget anytime soon. The amount of love and support from theirView full post »

Victoria BC Photographer – Radiant Maternity Session

I had the great pleasure of photographing this mama to be yesterday. The rain held off and the sun peaked out for someView full post »

Victoria BC Photography – Summer lovin

Oh hurrah, summer has arrived 🙂  These two are definitely enjoying themselves!View full post »

Victoria BC Photographer – FATHERS DAY MINI SESSION

I hope all the mothers out there had a fabulous mothers day! Now looking forward, fathers day is fast approaching. Don&#View full post »