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forest drapes

These photos are from last fall, maybe even the fall before… they somehow got lost in the depths of my computerView full post »

sweet tornadoes

These sweet little beings came into my life a few weeks ago and I’m really starting to adore them. It’s beenView full post »

Evening Delight

Drove up a mountain with a sweet human and his dog… It was really nice.   photo by Emile Cracks me up!View full post »

The gravity of it all

“Sometimes I wonder if gravity is the problem. It keeps us all grounded, gives us this false sense of stability whenView full post »

silky strands of life

Life…  Silky strands of experience.View full post »

from dreams to reality

Welcome to the Goose Yard.  Buying property was something I dreamed about, a lot, but never thought would be possibleView full post »

slowing the haste

Shhhh, Slowing down the rhythms. Shhhhh, luxuriating in white light while rain falls. Words, fill my eyes. My dearView full post »

tiniest home

Tiniest of homes…   Pondering, breathing, witnessing, dreaming, mental fragmentation. As cozy as it can be, I amView full post »

mysterious unknown

Sitting in the unknown is not new to me.  Today however, the unknown has left me with a heavy sadness in my heart. IView full post »

penetrating rays of happiness

Standing in the stillness of this moment – freedom. My mind then seduces me out of the moment…   *Sigh.View full post »


The past few weeks have left me musing about attachment. I had a significant amount of my hair cut off recently that IView full post »

deep feels

The landscape of my heart.View full post »

rip my heart out

These mountains ripped my heart out, filled it with awe and gave it back to me.View full post »

Stone Spiral Gifts

I know a wonderful human who makes beautiful, handcrafted beeswax candles. My dear friend Roxy, of Stone Spiral GiftsView full post »

winter is coming

I’m pretty excited for the snow to fly. While I do love hitting the slopes, snowboarding isn’t what gets meView full post »

Even in the pouring rain, there is magic

You can’t tell, but it is absolutely POURING in these photos. I got my vehicle super stuck in the the mud afterView full post »

wild kindness

As I stood there in awe, I realized nature is inherently kind. To the core, nature wants to live. Respect and honour goView full post »